Qader Group offers a great career with exceptional benefits.

We know that the most important element for attaining our targets is qualified and happy employees. We also believe that people who are highly confident, who are after their dreams and who realise these dreams will be happier.

For this reason, we draw our human resources on an equal opportunity basis from the applicants who dream, who are open to development and who demonstrate a capacity to adopt and perpetuate our values while meeting the needs of our group companies.

In addition to the “equal pay for equal work” practice, transparent performance management, entrepreneurial career planning and on-the-job training are all part of our HR approach.

Do you want to be part of a dynamic and international team?

We want to add energetic friends who are curious, open to change, who want to constantly improve themselves, to our company. Are you one of them? Apply now!

Chief among the criteria we deem crucial in our new collagues with whom we will realise our dreams together is “proficiency” and we define it as follows:

Human Resources Policy of Our Company;

To use human resources effectively as a customer oriented company which aims to be an international trademark by increasing market share in the sector, gives important to the employees, open to changes, has capability to be a leader in the sector, uses its resources as a global company, sensitive to the environment, labor health and labor safety, is conformable to the quality standards, continuously developing product and service quality in the direction of customer needs, monitors and apply technological developments, believes the creativity of the employees.

For this reason;
Our dynamic and creative organization seeking excellence will increase the satisfaction of the individuals choosing us.

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We offer opportunities to develop your career in different countries around the world. Global mobility plays an important part in developing Qader Group’s talent and our brands.

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