Yemen multinational food and beverage manufacturer based in Sanaa, Yemen. Its products are exported internationally, to many countries. The core products are biscuits, cookies, crackers, and chocolates, although it has expanded to other categories


Satisfies your crave with crunchy, creamy MOVO finger chocolate wafer

Crispy, Crunchy, Chocolatey Wafer Every side


Cream cake with chocolate

You name it we bake it!


Cake Bar filled with Chocolate for unique taste of MOVO

Fall in Love with every Bite

Acapella White Chocolate

White chocolate with hint of chocolate milk

Fall in Love with every Bite

Marie Biscuits

Biscuits for the pleasant buttery taste that is never too sweet or overpowering.

For the love of Tea

Royal Classics

Our biscuits are addictive and delicious, and perfect for dipping into your freshly brewed cup of tea!

Your Favorite Tea Partner

Viennese Wafers

Our Chocolate Wafers pack a crunchy treat that can satiate your taste buds in the delicious, creamy flavours of milk chocolate

Taste at its best


hazelnut spread continues to come from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.

Irresistibly Tempting!

Date Delight

Deliciously sweet rich cookie sweet date filled cookies. A delicious treat to have for desserts

Delight in every Bite

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