Qader Food is passionate about offering our customers only the best to it’s customers, this reflected in our premium quality range of food products. We’re leaders in product development, research, and logistics and we operate with our own large-scale state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, warehouses and logistics.

Qader Food also manufacture and procure the finest quality of food and beverages in the country, we import quality eatables and different kinds of juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks. We procure these items as per international regulations and the country’s standards.

Qader Food Brands

Qader food has variety of product from juice’s, diary products, snacks, drinks, water and more. Our products are in every home.

Qader Food

Our focus is by introducing world renowned brands to achieve highest standards. The outstanding food products are perfectly selected to region and ensure to be in every supermarket shelves.


We are leading suppliers of premium dairy and cheese products with the rights ingredients and quality to add extra values.
✓ Beverage Products ✓ Milk and Milk Products
✓ Grain Products ✓ Breakfast Products
✓ Pulses Products ✓ Pastry and Bakery Products
✓ Canned and Pickled Products ✓ Vegetable Oil Products
✓ Chocolate and Wafer Products ✓ Canned Fish Products
✓ Biscuit and Cracker Products ✓ Energy Drinks Products