With consumer and consumer insights driving strategy

Shamlan Tobacco Company has been able to market for the long-term, by developing and delivering contemporary offers to the changing attitudes and aspirations of the constantly evolving consumer. In this way, it has managed to become a major cigarette manufacturer.

Since its establishment, Shamlan Tobacco Company has had a positive impact on the region’s economy in various fields. One of these fields is employment. Today, directly and indirectly 600 employees are working at Shamlan Tobacco to add value to the region’s economy every day.

What makes us different?

Shamlan Tobacco Company has been able to consolidate its position with single minded focus on continuous value creation for consumers through significant product innovation, creating & bringing to market innovative product designs, maintaining consistent superior quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, superior marketing and distribution.

Production is made with different package types;

✓ Bevel Edge Pack ✓ Nano Pack
✓ Round Courner Pack ✓ King Size Pack
✓ Slims Pack ✓ Queen Size Pack
✓ 100’s Pack ✓ 10 Stick Pack

We strive to give consumers the highest-quality products. Contact your nearest office if you have a question about our products.

Shamlan Tobacco

Shamlan Tobacco is a leading cigarette manufacturer in Yemen & United Arab Emirates we produce our on Shamlan Brand of cigarettes. Shamlan Tobacco is part of Qader Group for Investment and trading.

Qader Group International Trading FZCO is responsible for development and sales for Shamlan.

As a group, Our goal is to contribute effectively through all our areas in building the country to achieve a better future vision and continuous provision of excellent services by improving the quality and efficiency of resources. Our Objective is to build longstanding and strategic partnerships with global factories and companies that meet the expectations of our customers.

We are involved in the long-term cigarette and tobacco sector, we are a dynamic company that aims to develop ourselves further by offering quality and economical products in accordance with the demands by developing our current product range in the global market. We are planning to establish a new and modern production facility soon to better meet our customers needs..

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