Our part of the company handles all the business operations in marketing and distribution in the local as well as international markets. We are present in many locations in Yemen as well as in international markets. We are a modern age company, facilitated with website and GPS tracking apps to connect all retail outlets with the main supplier and customers via smartphones.

We have a well trained team of professionals to manage every store. We have a complete team of distributors, drivers, storekeepers and assistant storekeepers at every store.


We analyze Products and companies in terms of capacity, price, origin, authorized agent.

Marketing & Distribution

Develop appropriate promotion and advertising programs that accompany the distribution and sale of your products.


Gauge advantages and methods of promotion of competing products in the local market.

Distribution Channels

We have our own distribution network where we supply goods to all Supermarkets, Grocery stores, restaurants, schools, universities, cultural centers, sports centers, and various companies without agents in between. We serve in every city of Yemen and Gulf countries.